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Sandbox telegrams, or, how your Chrome extension can interact with page content scripts

In AdGrok’s GrokBar, we inject a “heads-up display” on pages that the user is advertising. The heads-up display is actually an iframe that’s positioned within a browser-extension-injected div, and that iframe renders content from our secure server farm. You can

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Simple Image Slideshow with jQuery and PHP

I really liked Jon Raasch’s jquery-powered slideshow, but integrating it into a page requires a bunch of steps: Add the jQuery library Add the slideshow javascript function Add the CSS with opacity and z-layer set properly Upload the images for

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Friendly Popups

If you want a link to open a new window, and can’t use target=”_blank”, you can set javascript to the onclick attribute and make the href go to “#”, but then you can’t ctrl-click the link to open it in

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