How to deal with Amazon’s “requested Availability Zone is no longer supported” error

In shutting down the AdGrok servers (talk about bittersweet…), I stopped the instances, but then remembered I wanted to shred the files first, so I clicked “start,” and was greeted by the following error:

The requested Availability Zone is no longer supported. Please retry your request by not specifying an Availability Zone or choosing us-west-1b, us-west-1c.

Assuming your instance was backed by an EBS volume (and there wouldn’t be any valuable state for the instance otherwise, so that should be a reasonable assumption), you’ll need to migrate your EBS volume to a different availability zone, and start a new instance there.

To move an EBS volume from one availability zone to another, you need to:

  1. create a snapshot of the EBS volume
  2. use the snapshot to create a new EBS volume in the destination zone
  3. attach the new EBS volume to an instance in the destination zone

You can do all these tasks through the AWS Management Console, in the “ELASTIC BLOCK STORE” sections.

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  • hunters

    it is a bad news 🙁 thanks