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Simple Image Slideshow with jQuery and PHP

I really liked Jon Raasch’s jquery-powered slideshow, but integrating it into a page requires a bunch of steps: Add the jQuery library Add the slideshow javascript function Add the CSS with opacity and z-layer set properly Upload the images for

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How to clean up photos of whiteboards with Gimp

Here is a thumbnail of a picture of a whiteboarding session taken with my iPhone. It’s basically unreadable. I looked for a good recipe to clean this up in gimp, but the googles failed me. After playing with a bunch

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Automatic panoramas with hugin and autopano

I’ve only been using hugin for an hour now, and I’m really impressed. The mac binary doesn’t include the ability to automatically determine how images overlap, but it’s pretty easy to make that work, too. First download the hugin binary.

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50,000 photos in iPhoto on a shared laptop and external drive

I’ve got over 100GiB of photos (JPEG and RAW) taken over the years, and they don’t comfortably fit on a laptop. The laptop is also shared by everyone in my family, each with their own account, so what to do?

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Photomatix HDR with single RAW images

We got to visit the Yosemite valley a couple weekends ago, and as I was gaping and smiling at all the grandeur, I tried RAW one more time. When I got home, though, iPhoto’s conversion was disappointing: I did some

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